Logitech Wireless Combo MK345 keyboard

Wireless Combo MK345



The Logitech Wireless Combo MK345 pairs a comfortable full-size keyboard with a right-handed mouse. The keyboard comes with a comfortable, textured palm rest; a spill resistant design; a glossy finish; and a caps lock indicator light. The mouse has a low-battery indicator, a large scroll wheel and smooth precise tracking.

Its wireless connectivity gives the reliability of a cord and the convenience of wireless freedom. Its energy efficient engineering delivers 4-year keyboard and 18-month mouse battery life*. 12 especially enhanced F-keys allow you to mute your computer, skip a song or pause a video instantly**.

*Keyboard battery life calculation based on an estimated two million keystrokes/year in an office environment. User experience may vary. Mouse battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.
**Required software available for download at logitech.com

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